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Vivitek Asia values the relationship with our customers, so strives to provide the highest level of customer support and service.  The Vivitek team offers a variety of support and service including technical support, product information, FAQs and after sale service.  Contact Vivitek Asia for help and assistance. 


In your email, be sure to include name, email, country, product model number, serial number and a brief description of the issue.   Please send emails to


All of the conditions need to meet user’s manual definition.

All the warranty period from your purchase date  (The ASIA region is not including the Japan )

Standard warranty
2-Year warranty on projector, (lamp<280W: 1-year or 1,000h)(lamp>=280W: 6 months or 500h)(whichever comes first)

QUMI warranty
1-Year warranty on projector.

Large Venue models warranty
2-Year warranty on projector, 6 months or 500h on lamp (whichever comes first). Large Venue projectors with both lens shift and optional lenses. 



90 day warranty


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