Vivitek DU6198Z

Super-bright LV laser projector with rich connectivity, HDBaseT and 20,000 hours  of operational time


§   Laser phosphor engine incorporating a lamp-less design that is mercury-free and environmentally friendly

§   8,500 lumens with a high 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio for an amazing image quality

§   Low maintenance with up to 20,000 hours of operating time

§   Native WUXGA resolution with a maximum UHD-4K resolution

§   Powered zoom, focus and lens shift (horizontal/vertical) for easy adjustment and positioning flexibility

§   Lens Positioning Memory (LPS) for quick recall of user defined lens positions (focus, zoom and lens shift)           

§   Distorted and trapezoid image issues are easily corrected with  keystone, and 4-corner adjustment

§   High Dynamic Range (HDR10)  for enriched brightness and impeccable vibrancy for precise natural colors

§   Full suite of display connectivity inputs and outputs including: HDMI v2.0, DVI-D, Component (5 BNC), VGA-In/Out, HDBaseT™

§   HDBaseT™ interface with support for distribution of digital HD video content over standard CAT5e/6 LAN cable

§   Advanced HDMI 2.0 connectors for high quality digital video signals and quick data transfer rates

§   Portrait mode projection allows the projector to be easily setup and installed in a 90° installation

§   360° operation and projection design for set up in all angles

§   Eight (8) interchangeable lens options with quick touch lens release design for easy lens removal and reinstallation

§   Sealed optical engine and filter-less design keep dust out and improves performance


24/7 continuous operation with no downtime


















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