Vivitek H1186-WT Projector Review from Projector Central
Time:2015/10/1 上午 12:00:00

 Vivitek H1186-WT Projector Review from Projector Central

"the projector delivers a beautiful, accurate, and natural image with an ample 900 lumens in eco mode. That is perfect illumination for a dark theater room, using a 1.0 gain, 120" diagonal screen. And with that sort of set up, you get extremely quiet operation and up to 7000 hours on the lamp. For a mere $700, that's not a bad deal at all"

The Vivitek H1186-WT is another new home entertainment projector that takes full HD 1080p resolution below $700. That by itself is enough to attract attention, but this 7.5 lb portable projector is loaded with features, including a very unusual 2.35 native Cinemascope mode, a longer than average 1.5x zoom lens, vertical lens shift, a 10-watt onboard speaker, an RGBRGB color wheel, HDMI with MHL, full HD 3D, and ratings of 2000 lumens and 50,000:1 contrast. That is a lot of exciting stuff packaged into a $700 projector.

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